MetaGameHub DAO

Market Opportunity

Due to the infancy of the metaverse, there are key problems that the MGH DAO is trying to solve, opening up multiple opportunities to position itself as the go-to metaverse aggregator (Google and Bloomberg of the metaverse)

1.) Intransparent Asset Valuation

Due to the lack of valuation models, the market relies on the floor price as the key price reference, reducing the liquidity and generating huge spreads between bid and ask prices. The MGH DAO solves this issue by developing AI-driven valuation models that help determining the fair price of any given metaverse asset.

2.) Centralized LAND Ownership

The Open Metaverse should be as inclusive as possible. It should allow users from any country, race or gender to interact in an immersive and seamless way. However, there are multiple big players that understand the market potential of virtual worlds, which have been acquiring big chunks of LANDs for a long time. The collaborative and bottom-up approach of the MGH DAO allows its members to have diversified exposure to multiple virtual worlds by acquirng LANDs in multiple metaverses. In this way, any MGH DAO member will own and govern the LANDs stored in the treasury.

3.) Lack Of Aggregation and Interoperability

The metaverse as we know it is very fragmented and lacks interoperability. Metaverse creators focus on different niches, use different blockchains and develop on diverse engines. The MetaGameHub DAO will be an agnostic hub of interoperable and aggregated metaverse infrastructure, development and applications that will help its community navigate through the Open Metaverse.

4.) Lack of UX and Accesibility

Web3 is at a very early stage of development. Dapps are clunky, and often not user-friendly, MGH DAO wants to change this by building a holistic metaverse dApp using hardware such as Oculus Rift and Unreal Engine to create a hub where users will be able to seamlessly enjoy multiple metaverse experiences across virtual worlds.