Metaverse Development

MGH is highly engaged in accelerating the adoption of the Metaverse. For this reason, the DAO has a group of talented game developers, designers and 3d artists that are working around the clock to create top of the line metaverse experiences.
The metaverse is currently at the stage of investing and building. This means that there is a high demand from institutions, companies and retailers that want to be onboarded or have presence in this new space.
The members of the metaverse development working group are able to develop scenes in a variety of Metaverses, such as Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Space and more. We are happy to explore and built with you in any Metaverse!
Here are some examples (but not limited to) of what we can do for you on your Metaverse LANDs:
  • Gamified Experiences (Play to earn)
  • Events such as fashion shows or concerts
  • Community Hubs
  • (Art-) Galleries, Museums
  • Casinos
  • Advertisements
If you are interested in creating an immersive metaverse experience for your plot of LAND, join our Discord and drop us a message in the Metaverse Development channel.