MetaFi (Metaverse Finance) can be defined as the intersection between fungible and non fungible tokens. The term MetaFi covers the interplay between these types of tokens to create complex financial products used by protocols, as well as institutianal and retail players.
The metaverse is first and foremost an economic system. It represents an informal economy whose products are often digital markets of goods that may or may not be reflected in traditional markets. The metaverse plays a key role in the web3 revolution due to its user centric approach, allowing metaverse participants to properly leverage and monetize their data, time and identity. This bottom up approach will be hopefuly the catalyst for an unprecedented wave of financial inclusion.
The metaverse will unlock a new layer of economic value which will give birth to multiple products and services looking to use this opportunity to generate yield, while increasing the liquidity and the efficiency of the market.
The playground for MetaFi are virtual worlds, marketplaces, lending protocols and the embedded games, wearables, avatars as weald as interest bearing NFTs.
MGH DAO is all about MetaFi. The valuation algorithm is at the core of a wide range of MetaFi tools, ranging from Metaverse Staking to Land Farming to LAND indices and, in future, all kinds of Metaverse-related financial tools.