MetaGameHub DAO


MGH DAO is the hub for Open Metaverse Experiences focused on acquiring metaverse assets as well as developing metaverse infrastructure and tools:

1.) Metaverse Infrastructure

Development and monetization of a broad portfolio of metaverse assets (mainly LANDs) from various Metaverses such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Space, which the MGH community governs and thus monetises via e.g. GameFi applications, ads, event venues, art galleries and cultural hubs.
The primary objective here is to bring back ownership to users and hence members of MGH DAO.

2.) Metaverse Tools

Development and aggregation of intuitive tools to help users navigate through the metaverse in a seamless way.
The dApps are focusing on three core pillars right now:
1) Metaverse Development like our DCL Editor
2) Data applications with a B2C and B2B approach. The core product is a metaverse valuation algorithm that leverages neural networks to predict the fair price for bluechip metaverse LANDs and in future all sorts of metaverse related assets.
The algorithm powers a LAND Valuation and Analytics tool where the idea is to become the Bloomberg for the metaverse.
The data generated by the algorithm can be leveraged by NFT and Data Marketplaces, DeFi Protocols, Asset Managers in different ways, generating additional revenue for the DAO treasury.
3) MetaFi tools use the data generated by the algorithm to structure innovative investment products such as a LAND flipping bot, the first LAND index, LAND perpetual swaps and an NFT farming protocol.
In a nutshell, MGH seeks to become the go-to metaverse aggregator, providing metaverse development and multiple data-driven tools to foster the development of the Open Metaverse.




Uniswap (Ethereum)
Quickswap (Polygon)
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