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Working Group (WG)

Working Group (WG)

The "Working Group" Roles is a project, initiative, or team created to deliver to extend that capacity & value of MGH's team. Working Groups are encouraged to leverage the resource, knowledge, and skills of the BAU & CT teams within MGH.
Examples of a WG:
  • Korea/Japan/LATAM set to develop networks/partnerships & creating a local community
  • Branding/Awareness/Shilling set with the purpose of delivering simple marketing campaigns and assets to boost the impact of marketing efforts
Minimum Expectations:
  • Monthly Reporting on KPIs, learnings, and overall progress (report will be co-created on integrations between core team & WG leaders)
  • Development of a consolidated and documented strategy/plan.
  • Create a slack channel per WG and use this as the main source of communication
  • Meet fortnightly with CT to provide general updates.
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